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"Wouter designed a solid data architecture to support out reporting needs."

"Wouter efficiently analyzed the existing reports, translating insights for implementation by the technical experts." - Willem Declercq - CFO, Groep Huyzentruyt

Recognizing the value in existing resources, we discovered that much of our required data was readily available. Nonetheless, given the intricate nature of our business and complex inventory accounting, real-time reporting from the ledgers was not straightforward. To bridge this gap, BrightAnalytics collaborated with Wouter, effectively connecting our financial expertise with BrightAnalytics' IT capabilities.

The previous reporting system was complex and demanded significant labor to compile. Wouter efficiently analyzed these reports, translating insights for implementation by the technical experts at Bright Analytics. Furthermore, he played a pivotal role in developing department-specific dashboards that align with our new strategic trajectory.

You can read the full testimonial about this project on the website of Bright Analytics as well: click here to read it.