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"Wouter played a pivotal role in orchestrating the establishment of a business-critical data pipeline."

"Wouters mastery in setting up seamless data pipelines through tools like Postman and Azure Data Factory speaks volumes about his commitment to efficiency." - Styn Vanhove - CEO, Hutix.

Cashflow can be a challenge. You have to pay your suppliers in 30 days, but your clients only pay in 60 to 90 days. You can use factoring to bridge this divide. Together with the dedicated Hutix offshore team in the Philippines, we swiftly brought this pipeline to life within their Azure ecosystem.


Factoring is an option a CFO has to get cash from the bank as soon as a sales invoice is booked, long before the clients pay their invoices. This lowers the liquidity measure Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and speeds up the cash conversion cycle (CCC) to avoid cashflow problems in businesses with longer payment terms, or with clients that tend to pay their invoices too late. The bank provides the cash, and in return takes a commission on the factored amounts.

Data pipelines using Postman and Azure Data Factory

You can find a series of blogposts here on how I solved this challenge:

  1. In the first part I talk about how to use Postman to connect to an API that has OAuth2 authorization. I need this step to get our first Access and Refresh tokens to get the process in Azure Data Factory running.
  2. Next I set up an Azure Data Factory Pipeline to automate the authorization process and store the tokens in an Azure SQL database.
  3. Once I have the authorization in place and have access to the data, I use Azure Data Factory Pipelines, an Azure SQL Database and Azure Blog Storage to get, process and store the data to send to the bank for factoring.

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