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Chicken or egg?

Sometimes we talk to a prospect who thinks they are not ready to start a data project. Their processes and business applications are not on point yet, and they first want to put this in order. Understandable, but is the argument correct?

It's always a bit of a chicken and egg question: can we already start using our data if we know we still need to fix our processes and business applications. The answer is yes. It's even a good idea.

Avoid searching where the light is

It is an opportunity to really contemplate the ways you want to follow up on your business strategy, and what data you need to support decisions and drive action. Defining how your dashboards have to look before you even have all the right data has the advantage that you are not biased by the datasets of your current systems.

Data assets that can be delivered early

The assets that are delivered based on this exercise are a set of wireframes and conceptual data models. The wireframes show how the dashboards will look, the conceptual data model what data is needed to calculate the measures and dimensions in these dashboards.

Advantages of starting early

The wireframes can be used to select a data visualization tool that supports the way you want to visualize your data. The conceptual data models help you to assess the business applications to make sure it captures and stores the right data. Once these systems are in place, you can double check if they meet the initial requirements by looking back at these earlier assets.

What is my role in this?

After an initial leadership alignment session I interview business stakeholders to uncover use cases and translate them in conceptual data models. I build wireframes bases on these interviews to further explore the business questions and data needs and to serve as a first step towards a pilot of a dataviz dashboard. Curious to explore this idea further? Just click here to let us know.