"We gathered a lot of data but needed help to focus."

Onafhankelijk Leven is a non-profit organization who supports people with a personal assistance budget in practical matters, but also works on the political level to influence decision makers to improve the situation of the budget holders.

Wouter guided us to redefine our KPIs during a leadership alignment session based on Xudo's data maturity assessment. By asking the right questions he forced us to think about how we can best follow up on our strategic goals. "What action are you going to take when this KPI is up or down?" helped us to link the strategic goals to the day-to-day activities of Onafhankelijk Leven, and evolve towards being a truly data driven organization.

In the next phase Wouter will build a prototype of a data visualization dashboard based on our own data in Zoho Analytics. Because he was involved in the KPI definition from the start, he has a good understanding how this dashboard has to look to support our goals.